In Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Even though we are past Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I think celebrating boobs is a worthy year-round event. And since pictures speak louder than words, please enjoy these random, mostly boob-centric sightings I made in real life. I give you, Pasta Boobs. I found these Pasta racks at a novelty shop in Asheville, North Carolina. These boobs are better when Keep reading!

Family Road Trip of the South-Day 5

Biltmore Estate with family

Grove Park Inn n Asheville NCĀ are as beautiful as I recall from a business trip once. More bohemian. Last time I was at The Inn I stumbled upon a ballroom dancing contest in the banquet rooms. Was totally mesmerized by the outrageous pageantry. Like JonBenet Ramsey, but adult n holding lottery tickets. Long b4 Dancing w/ The Stars. Bought earrings Keep reading!