Revenge Is Sweet: How To Reward An Autistic Tantrum

Devlin and I stopped for lunch last week at a Mediterranean joint in The Central West End. It started well enough, i.e. we walked through the door without incident, but quickly turned sour. Enter autistic tantrum. Devlin became fixated that he hated this restaurant. He refused to sit down in his chair. He didn’t like the utensils. The menu annoyed Keep reading!

Discipline Does Not Cure Autism

It was a bit tense to get Devlin’s hair cut over the weekend. VVegaz Salon is about a half mile from my house. The sun was shining so the twins and I decided to walk to The Loop for his appointment. The entrance to our neighborhood abuts a moderately busy street which was unusually congested with traffic that afternoon. Devlin Keep reading!

Autistic Tantrum: Naked in Forest Park, again

autistic tantrum

Autistic Tantrum: Naked Version If I could afford to have a servant, I think I’d hire a nutritionist. You may disagree and prefer a cook or a driver, or a personal shopper or gardener. I asked Rowan what kind of servant she would¬†like to have¬†and she said she thought two handlers for her sixty pound brother Devlin would make life Keep reading!