Matron of Honor 90’s style- Wedding 10

Matron of Honor

Matron of Honor

My older sister, Jana, asked me to be her Matron of Honor circa 1997? I was the only one in the wedding which was performed in my parents’ back yard so I got to wear what I wanted. I totally loved this dress. It was cut on the bias. Still trying to rock a perm. I rocked (the shit out of) that perm for the better part of fifteen YEARS. Deep breath. We all have our fashion crosses to bear. My cross just happened to be decorated with perm rods that smelled like lion urine that I couldn’t wash for three days. Remember that?

I made Jana take a shot before the ceremony. I’m good like that. Maybe that’s why I keep getting asked to be in weddings? I am actually famous for throwing a really awesome bachelorette party. I’d have to get waivers signed to post those pictures, though.

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  1. Jen, you look pretty determined that those shots are going down. Good to see you, hope all is well with you guys.

    Michael Freeman

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