Groom Mother Bridesmaid Dress- Wedding 6

For crying out loud, again with the crouching. I thought one only crouched with children and elder Americans? I didn’t know crouching was so popular at weddings or that I was propagating it so freely. Has it always been this way? Just say NO! to crouching. I could only stand so close to the bride on account of my bushy perm hair. I still have this bridesmaid dress too. The dark purple sheath was simple enough but the coat has that awesome uptight upholstered armchair feel to it. We all need more upholstery in our wardrobes. Jen, why did you pick out bridesmaid frocks that looked like a Groom Mother Bridesmaid dress? We were twenty-five years old! Wrinkles would be decades in the making. I promise I don’t remember thinking this at the time. I was Jen Ogle’s Matron of Honor in 1991. Her wedding was two weeks after my first wedding. Jen and Steve just celebrated their twentieth anniversary!


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