Family Midwest Road Trip Text Log- Day 2

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Text Log of Day 2 of Family Midwest Road Trip

South Dakota seemed to go on forever. We lost count of all the wind farms. It felt like a snapshot from a movie about NASA. Unfathomably flat and long spans of non-civilization. Good practice for Montana. Stunning sunny 72 degree weather. Oldest daughter Rowan traumatized by hoards (like 75, no joke) of tatted bent for leather types at emergency potty break at the Busted Nut bar n grille.
family midwest road trip
Twin son Devlin a slight nightmare at the touristy Wall drug store but we left with all displays in tact & no child of mine shoplifted. Considering that a success though did have to leave store holding Dev like a sack of potatoes. Dev like Jack Nicholson from As Good as it Gets ordering food from seating hostess at dinner n Rapid City, South Dakota tonite.

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