Impending high school reunion still traumatizing local lady

WTF to wear to your high school reunion? A particular group of friends and I are middle aged people now. We weren’t always this way. Several years ago, and I mean several, we were in high school together. The seven of us have been texting each other recently about what we should wear to our high school reunion next weekend. It Keep reading!

Thank you! The power of accepting compliments

accepting compliments

I don’t accept compliments well. I don’t know where accepting compliments graciously comes from. Is that a special gene or something? Honestly, compliments make me cringe. I want to scream something ridiculous in response like, “Well, I may look okay today but you should have seen me an hour ago!” or “You liked the post? You and one other person Keep reading!

Impending high school reunion terrorizes local woman: part 1

high school reunion

I had the quintessential stress dream last night replete with imagery from high school in anticipation of my fast approaching high school reunion (whose number we shall not speak out loud.  Everybody Wang Chung Tonight. You can fill in the blanks.). In the dream (well-liked smart people) high school friends planned to meet at (our high school) the designated reunion hotel Keep reading!

Baby love: I get to be an Aunt for a day!

Holy crap! I am so out of shape when it comes to babies! When you are in the zone of caring for infants, you develop a rhythm. Sleeping in three hour starts and fits becomes the thing you do. Your sleep-deprived brain adapts and thinks it’s totally normal to watch reality television in the middle of the night. I have Keep reading!

June 8th Is Best Friends Day

best friends

In honor of Best Friends Day, I share some moments I experienced on the receiving end from my best friends. Do you recognize yourself in any of these moments?  Best friends: Tell you when asked that, in fact, you do look fat in those jeans and not to wear them ever again. Call you first when they think their house Keep reading!

Ode To My Personal Trainer

Farewell Letter: Ode To My Personal Trainer I recall being deeply distressed the summer I turned seventeen because I had to replace my retiring gynecologist AND my globe-trotting hairstylist at the same time. Replacing the gynecologist didn’t upset me nearly as much as replacing my hairstylist. I mean, my hair stylist knew how my hair ticked, so-to-speak. She introduced me Keep reading!

2013 Kinda Sucked: Admit It, You’re So Not Jealous of Me

2013 kinda sucked

To be honest, 2013 was kind of a boner. 2013 kinda sucked. I am a practical optimist, however, so here is my recap of 2013 and hope for a prosperous 2014: I DID meet my goal of not taking up smoking in 2013, since I didn’t smoke in the first place. Well done, me, for setting a goal I could Keep reading!

Celebrate Job Loss: Laugh at People

Celebrate Job Loss the Right Way (with friends) Admittedly, it has been a while since I’ve been to a poser restaurant. You know, one of those places that sounds like a good idea because you haven’t been in a while and you forgot why it annoys you. There are redeeming qualities about the place (the Eel Roll) or you wouldn’t Keep reading!

20 Ways to Age Disgracefully

Grow Old Gracefully or Age Disgracefully? I know what I vote for! It was great to see my friend, Sarah, who visited for the weekend. We met each other wearing Come On, Eileen overalls when freshmen in college at The University of Oklahoma. We sound like each other on the phone and finish each other’s sentences. Firmly establishing our compatibility over the Keep reading!

Every Hour is Happy Hour in San Francisco

It’s true. Every Hour is Happy Hour in San Francisco So sorry for the delay in posting! I thought I would have time to blog over the weekend while I was visiting my BFF’s in San Francisco. I didn’t realize they were going to hold me hostage for five days and force non-stop fun upon me. Well, I had an Keep reading!