Always a Bridesmaid- Wedding 3

Always a Bridesmaid

OMG! Enough with the tanning, already! I’m almost as dark as the wood paneling in the church. I hated this pastel sherbet bridesmaid dress, even in 1989. It was awful! The only thing I like about it is that Diane and I are both sporting like a 24 inch waist, as only early twenty-somethings can. We were mere girls! Did we even eat back then? Why do we look so uncomfortable and shiny? And seriously, enough with the babies breath already and the grocery store bouquets, too! I think dandelions may have looked just as good. Makes me want to reach for a flyswatter. No one should have gotten married in the 1980’s. The attire was simply the worst. I thought the 1970’s were bad but that was until the 1980’s unseated them as the champion of horrible fashion. I think we all think this way twenty years after whatever decade we are complaining about.
always a bridesmaid

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  1. For a moment i was going to make a comment about the giant head dress, and wondered how you managed not to. Then I realized it was just a poorly positioned head.

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