Grown woman okay blaming parents for self-absorption, racism


I’m self-absorbed, so it makes perfect sense that I can’t relate to the experience of any other human being unless it touches my life personally. I can totally understand why so many people extoll the virtues of self-absorption. It is just so easy to assume the world revolves around me. I know I’m a grown woman, but my parents did Keep reading!

Online friends: teens meet for first time


Online friends: What could possibly go wrong? My teenage daughter, who lives in Missouri, met another teenage girl, who lives in California, over the Twitter last year. They became online friends on fandom sites. For those without a teen-to-adult dictionary, a fandom is an online social network revolving around a particular interest (such as a movie, character, celebrity, etc.). It’s Keep reading!

St. Louis RV show customer review


A few dozen friends and I attended the 37th Annual St. Louis RV Travel & Vacation Show at the America’s Convention Center over the weekend. My very first RV show, y’all! What to not wear to the RV show: eyeliner We wanted to look striking walking around the show room so we put on A LOT of black eyeliner. Brittany Keep reading!

Why protest? #FaceRacism


Why protest an RV show? Why protest anywhere? The point is to reach as many people as possible to have the biggest impact. Besides, some of those recreational vehicles are bigger and nicer than my house. Who wouldn’t want to fart around inside a $500,000 recreational vehicle? Protest is appropriate anywhere and nowhere. The venue is simply a means, not Keep reading!

MyFitnessPal needs to motivate me better

pants untied

A good friend of mine and I started using the MyFitnessPal app the summer of 2014. For the uninitiated, the MyFitnessPal app tracks calories and food consumption as well as calories burned through exercise. Like finding the right personal trainer (I prefer ones that tolerate me cursing through most of my exercises), it’s important to find the right companion fitness Keep reading!

There, I said it: winter sucks

winter sucks

The inside of my nose feels like it’s lined with fiberglass. I want to remove my eyeballs and soak them in a vat of KY jelly until they are reconstituted like dried out mushrooms. The skin on my fingers is cracked and my feet look like crusty dog chew toys. My lips are as supple and kissable as a sun-dried Keep reading!

Protest attire: ways to stand out in a crowd

Protest attire: what does it say about you? Are you projecting the image you want when you get dressed to go to a protest? What does your outfit say about you? There are reasons one might want to tone down protest attire. You may not have declared that extra job on your taxes. Or suppose you told friends to meet Keep reading!

2014 in review: it was absurd

2014 in review

Absurd & surprising describes 2014 in review for me 2014 Resolutions: some achieved, some re-purposed Consistent with my usual New Year’s goals last January, I thought that I’d find gainful employment in 2014, lose those seven pounds that forever torment me, become mentally healthier, become physically stronger, improve the lives of my kids, increase my happiness, discover the meaning of Keep reading!

How a white ally can fight racial inequality

Are you a white ally who hates racism but doesn’t know what to do about it? A close friend asked me to write about what a “lazy liberal”, whose heart aches for the marginalized in our St. Louis community, can do to show support for racial equality. She wanted to know whether the only way to get involved was to Keep reading!

Mokabe’s Coffeehouse customer review


Restaurant Review for Mokabe’s Coffeehouse: Three bullets out of six I’ve lived in St. Louis, Missouri since 2008 but never had the occasion to go to the quaint Mokabe’s coffeehouse until recently. Locals raved so much about the place and their service, I simply had to find out for myself. A neighbor told me Mokabe’s was designated as a “safe Keep reading!