Racial double standard: who gets the benefit of the doubt?


WHY is it so hard for some people to admit there is a racial double standard in the U.S.? We see double standards with all sorts of situations. Tall people get more credit than short people. Pretty people are chosen for jobs over less attractive people. Babies are cute and old people smell. (Actually, babies and old people both smell There's More → Continue Reading

Day in the life of a Ferguson Legal Observer


Legal Observer in training Several different groups organized secret direct actions to occur all over St. Louis on Moral Monday, October 13th following the disclosed Clergy/Faith leader protest at the Ferguson Police Department. I took a short break from standing in the rain watching religious leaders and Cornel West get arrested. After changing into dry clothes, I picked up Joel There's More → Continue Reading

Moral Monday: Clergy March to Ferguson PD


Ferguson October: Moral Monday Their voices are still in my head. Their chants echo in my mind. No justice, no peace! Their faces are committed to my memory for eternity. I never really saw them before, I mean really saw them. Until August 2014, I had not considered going to their part of town, a mere ten miles from my own, or There's More → Continue Reading

How to talk to a friend with cancer: do’s & don’ts

breast cancer silver lining

Talking To Your Friend With Cancer I’m reposting a post I wrote about what to say to a friend with cancer, this being Awareness month. Over the past year, several friends have asked me how to talk to and help friends of theirs with a new cancer diagnosis. I generated this list from my experience with breast cancer, but it There's More → Continue Reading

FergusonOctober: Weekend of resistance


Activism is defined as the effort to promote, impede, or direct social, political, economic, or environmental change, or stasis. I’ve only ever touched on the notion of activism as it pertains to family politics. You know, picketing my own living room to break up the injustice  of one child dominating the television show selection process for “like, FOREVER, mom!” or passing out flyers in front There's More → Continue Reading

Rooster on Grand showcases kids’ rooster art

kid's art

Rooster pride abounds in St. Louis The family and I ventured over to Rooster on S. Grand last night for the soft opening of Dave Bailey’s second Rooster restaurant in St. Louis, MO. Rooster is a European-styled cafe serving crepes, unusual sandwiches and unique dishes. Yum! They also have a gaggle of roosters crawling all OVER the place. The employees graciously There's More → Continue Reading

Who said aging wasn’t going to be any fun?


Aging: What surprises it holds What better way to commemorate the passing of my high school reunion weekend than with a trip to the medical device store? I have this thingy with my knee. It’s swollen and hurts all the time. Blah. Blah. blah. The doctor told me to start wearing compression socks and directed me to the medical product There's More → Continue Reading

Impending high school reunion still traumatizing local lady

Biloxi Sun Herald / Getty

WTF to wear to your high school reunion? A particular group of friends and I are middle aged people now. We weren’t always this way. Several years ago, and I mean several, we were in high school together. The seven of us have been texting each other recently about what we should wear to our high school reunion next weekend. It There's More → Continue Reading

Thank you! The power of accepting compliments

accepting compliments

I don’t accept compliments well. I don’t know where accepting compliments graciously comes from. Is that a special gene or something? Honestly, compliments make me cringe. I want to scream something ridiculous in response like, “Well, I may look okay today but you should have seen me an hour ago!” or “You liked the post? You and one other person There's More → Continue Reading

Impending high school reunion terrorizes local woman: part 1

high school reunion

I had the quintessential stress dream last night replete with imagery from high school in anticipation of my fast approaching high school reunion (whose number we shall not speak out loud.  Everybody Wang Chung Tonight. You can fill in the blanks.). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoXu6QmxpJE In the dream (well-liked smart people) high school friends planned to meet at (our high school) the designated reunion There's More → Continue Reading