Impending high school reunion still traumatizing local lady

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WTF to wear to your high school reunion? A particular group of friends and I are middle aged people now. We weren’t always this way. Several years ago, and I mean several, we were in high school together. The seven of us have been texting each other recently about what we should wear to our high school reunion next weekend. It There's More → Continue Reading

Thank you! The power of accepting compliments

accepting compliments

I don’t accept compliments well. I don’t know where accepting compliments graciously comes from. Is that a special gene or something? Honestly, compliments make me cringe. I want to scream something ridiculous in response like, “Well, I may look okay today but you should have seen me an hour ago!” or “You liked the post? You and one other person There's More → Continue Reading

Impending high school reunion terrorizes local woman: part 1

high school reunion

I had the quintessential stress dream last night replete with imagery from high school in anticipation of my fast approaching high school reunion (whose number we shall not speak out loud.  Everybody Wang Chung Tonight. You can fill in the blanks.). In the dream (well-liked smart people) high school friends planned to meet at (our high school) the designated reunion There's More → Continue Reading

Two weeks after Ferguson protests

ferguson protests

Aftermath of the Ferguson protests two weeks later Even though our school started two weeks ago, I have already signed up for parent/teacher conferences for my twin 5th Graders. My, how time flies. The children of Ferguson finally started school today because the unrest in their neighborhood made it unsafe to do so. I remember the desperation as a single parent scrambling There's More → Continue Reading

A view from the Ferguson Protests

on the ground in ferguson

Ferguson protests: A view from the street I was anxious all day knowing that I would drive to the Ferguson protests with my 10 YO son after he got out of school yesterday. Devlin remembers when we got up very early one cold day in February 2012 to face off with the Westboro Baptist Church’s protest of the acceptance of There's More → Continue Reading

We need to talk about Ferguson

Despite the fact that I spent the weekend in St. Louis, I was figuratively as far away from the happenings in Ferguson as one could get. A long-time friend was visiting and she treated me to a ridiculously indulgent spa day at the Four Seasons in downtown St. Louis. I would be hard-pressed to have been at a venue more divergent There's More → Continue Reading

Gates of fear: Understanding what’s happening in Ferguson


I live within ten miles of Ferguson, Missouri. I’ve driven down W. Florissant Rd. where the unarmed teenager, Michael Brown, was killed by a police officer on August 9th, 2014. I’ve never thought about Ferguson as a suburb. Rather, it’s just “North St. Louis”, a disregarded place where you lock your doors when driving through. The part of town where There's More → Continue Reading

Teachable Moments in New Orleans

teachable moments

Summer Vacation Teachable Moments We took the children on a whirlwind tour of New Orleans, Louisiana last week. It was mostly great. I had forgotten what it sounds like to listen to your arteries harden after eating fried food. Non-stop. Every meal. Seriously, dining in the French Quarter was like eating at the State Fair every three hours. Fried chocolate There's More → Continue Reading

When is it okay to ask a woman if she’s had a boob job?

boob job

Dear Guy at the gym who asked me if I had a boob job: I’m barely awake. Did you really just ask me that? What? Why, yes, the carpet does match the drapes. I can’t believe I just answered that question. I guess I was so stunned that I rewarded your unbelievably rude question with a response that didn’t involve me There's More → Continue Reading

Baby love: I get to be an Aunt for a day!

Photobomb aplomb with perfectly positioned cucumber

Holy crap! I am so out of shape when it comes to babies! When you are in the zone of caring for infants, you develop a rhythm. Sleeping in three hour starts and fits becomes the thing you do. Your sleep-deprived brain adapts and thinks it’s totally normal to watch reality television in the middle of the night. I have There's More → Continue Reading